SpaceX says they are talking to another potential space tourist

NASA has been unable to fly people from U.S. soil since the shuttle was retired in July 2011. US astronauts have flown to the international space station on Russian rockets. In 2014, NASA awarded $6.8 billion in contracts to Boeing and SpaceX to develop manned flight spacecraft. The NASA contracts allow NASA allows Boeing and SpaceX to sell tickets to fly ordinary people.

SpaceX COO Gwynn Shotwell said SpaceX will soon begin flying for NASA and SpaceX will begin flying missions for private citizens. SpaceX already has two wealthy tourists who are paying to be flown around the moon. SpaceX has other private citizens who want to fly in space as well. Spacex is not revealing details of new space tourism deal.

In June, Boeing’s manned system had a propellant leak with its emergency abort system.