A World with Successful Reversal of Aging will first see twenty year old mice and young Stallone

When will we know that antiaging rejuvenation using damage and age reserval really works? In such a world we will see 20 year old mice and a young Sylvester Stallone. Stallone is a wealthy famous person who uses human growth hormone and other treatments to stay youthful. George Church is a scientist deeply involved in founding and running many companies developing antiaging.

This is the standard for the robust mouse rejuvenation program. Aubrey de Grey believes that about 15 years after the robustly rejuvenated mouse there will be multiple rejuvenations of the same mice and many could have combinations of aging reversal treatments.

The aging reversal work of Rejuvenate Bio and the removal of accumulated aging cells from Oisin Biotechnology are treatments that can and will need to be re-applied every year or so.

There was a presentation about multiple reversal of aging damage treatments.

The gene therapy that is being used are injections of DNA plasmids (for changing genes) encased in lipid spheres. Re-application will be like an immunization booster shot. They have tracked the material spreading throughout the body of adult mice. This means there are delivery mechanisms for whole body wide genetic modification.

If one powerful combination of rejuvenation could enable mice that live to 5-years of age, then if those reversal of aging damage treatments could work three to four times then we could see 8-year old mice. The number of reversal of aging treatments and tests would rapidly expand with the first robust mouse rejuvenation. If it took 15 years for the reversal of aging treatments to be applied in humans then the multiply rejuvenated mice would have reached about 20 years of age.

Recent research suggests we could be near to have two-year-old mice reach 5-year lifespans.

Oisin Biotechnology is a leader in removing senescent cells for antiaging. They have injected a combination of two gene therapies into mice. The two-year-old mice would normally live to 3 years of age. Instead of only 50% surviving to 2.5, there are 90% of the treated mice living to 2.5 years with single treatment. Perhaps 80% could live to 3 and 50% could live to 4.

There is more reversal of aging tests with Rejuvenate Bio on mice and dogs. The research has not been published yet but they are working on 60 gene therapies to reverse different aspects of aging.

George Church has stated that the scientific results of the mice gene aging reversal work is eye-popping. It has also been stated that the dog aging reversal work has already started. George Church has indicated that he will be among the first humans to trial the aging reversal procedures.

What will the procedures be like for aging reversal

Successful rejuvenation needs to be repeated to continue to clear away the re-accumulated damage.

There will be regular injections of combination gene therapy treatments that clear away aging damage.

There is many billions of dollars in research to boost the t-cells of the immune system to fight cancer. There are many different kinds of cancer that are being targeted. Enhancing the immune system to fight cancer and replacing the immune system cells with rejuvenated cells will be another part of antiaging treatment.

There will injections of rejuvenated immune system cells.

If there is successful development of full human regeneration from the companies AgeX and Biotime, then the number of anti-aging injections could be reduced.

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