Award winning TrustLogics will simplify job recruiting processes and increase efficiency

TrustLogics will reduce the gap between recruiters and jobseekers by using the full potential of blockchain technology. The recruiting industry will be able to simplify its processes and reach new levels of efficiency. Users will take full advantage of the TrustLogicsTM token system. The system will improve data access, data attestation and peer-to-peer hiring. AI will also be leveraged for candidate selection.

TrustLogics will use Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum smart contracts, data encryption and ERC20 standard tokens to transform the modern-day $428 billion recruitment industry along with how ISPs are perceived. They will be a one-stop solution for recruiters, active as well as passive jobseekers, and ISPs by providing a platform to:
* Request for Verification
* Build Reputation
* Access & Maintain Verified Data
* Referral Hiring.

Eliminating cost and improving processes

On average, a company spends anywhere between $35 and $100 per person for a background check which involves: a background check company, educational institutes and past employers – which could typically last between 15 to 50 days. On average, hiring a mid-level position costs approximately $4,129.

TrustLogics will greatly reduce the cost and time needed.

Fewer Errors and More Efficient Process

Certified Validators Jobseekers can use their TrustLogicsTM tokens to place a verification for their personal data, specifically for education, past employment, criminal & drug information. Suitable validators will be notified of the request. After successful completion of the background check process, jobseekers will be notified of the results and results are stored on blockchain.

Incentivized Crowdsourcing of tasks

Individuals can assign a bounty in an effort to build or confirm their reputation for education, previous employment, skills, certifications, achievements, etc. The TrustLogicsTM AI-based algorithm will choose the participants and send notifications about the opportunity and the amount of the assigned bounty. All the confirmations will be saved on blockchain.

Peer-to-Peer Hiring

Recruiters will have the ability to post a new job opportunity and declares a bounty to expedite closing that position. AI-based algorithm will notify suitable peers of the post, who can then refer others within and outside of the TrustLogicsTM eco-system.

TrustLogics Awards

TrustLogics and its Founder, Srinivas Dubba, sweep multiple recent major honors.

TrustLogics, the innovation leader in blockchain for verified professional data, announced that its offering was named a Silver Stevie Winner at The 2018 American Business Awards for ‘Tech Startup of the Year – Software’, Gold Winner at the 2018 Pillar® World Awards for ‘Products, Services, and Solutions for USA’, and Bronze Winner at the 2018 CEO World Awards for ‘Products, Upgrades, and Innovation of the Year’ in the 11-99 Employees category.

The accolades didn’t stop there as Srinivas Dubba, Founder and CEO of TrustLogics, was conferred with Gold Awards for ‘Diversity Team of the Year’ and ‘Founder, Entrepreneur or Partner of the Year’ by Pillar® World Awards and CEO World Awards respectively. These honors came in the face of tough competition from several innovative offerings and deserving entrepreneurs.

“We are honored that the TrustLogics platform was highlighted as a vital innovator by such an authoritative group of industry thought leaders and to have won in several different categories,” said Mr. Dubba. “Our vision is to help streamline the inefficiencies in hiring by verifying, sharing, and storing verified professional data of on blockchain. Such award programs provide a platform for companies like TrustLogics to showcase our technically advanced offering as well as provide job seekers and organizations an unbiased way to learn about the future of global recruitment.”

TrustLogics facilitates digital authentication of professional data through three different attestation protocols (Auto Verification, Certified Validators, Peer Reputation), stores the attested version on the blockchain, and makes it shareable based on user permissions.

Verifying data and identifying the best candidates will be improved using Dubot which is a proprietary A3C algorithm-based AI engine.

The American Business Awards are selected from 3,700 nominations from organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

The coveted annual Pillar® World Awards is world’s premier awards program honoring best employers.

The coveted annual CEO World Awards program encompasses the world’s best in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services, CEO excellence studies, corporate social responsibility, and milestones from every major industry in the world.