Blue Frontiers creating 300 residence seastead funded with their own cryptocurrency

Blue Frontiers is decentralizing governance by launching a seasteading industry that will provide humanity with new opportunities for organizing more innovative societies and dynamic governments.

The funds raised from the crowdsale will be used to implement Blue Frontiers mission. Proceeds from the token sale are expected to be divided among the following activities:

Design & Engineering
SeaZone Legal & Administration
Community growth
General Administration

Their first project consists of a plan to build approximately 14 floating platforms, ranging from small villas to larger community properties, connected by floating walkways. The total footprint of the pilot on the water is estimated at 7,500 square meters, with usable space of approximately 20,000 square meters (2 hectares), and will house 200-300 people. Each platform is estimated to cost on average $5 million.

Seasteads are mobile floating homes, businesses, and community spaces that can be moved and reconfigured in relation to other seasteads, allowing for the formation, reformation, and dissolution of networks, neighborhoods, cities, and eventually nation-states in international waters. Seasteads will offer residents and businesses liberties and regulatory frameworks that allow for rapid innovation in societal and political structures.

They are creating the Varyon cryptocurrency. Varyon allows holders to exchange goods and services in the Blue Frontiers ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between themselves. Blue Frontiers will exclusively provide goods and services in exchange for Varyon where it is legally able to do so, including – but not limited to – purchase or rental of dwellings on seasteads, timeshares on seasteads, seasteads for outright purchase, services for people and businesses located on seasteads, such as business registration, administrative services, utility services, transportation, shipping, service industry activities, etc.

Varyon (VAR) is expected to be required to purchase seasteads, fractional ownership of seasteads and seastead residency from Blue Frontiers.

A staking mechanism will be used to:
control access by people and structures to SeaZones
facilitate arbitration
provide for general liability protection
provide apportionment of fees
vote on proposed SeaZone charter changes
As an easily exchangeable token, Varyon will also be tradable and usable beyond just Blue Frontiers.

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