China will still push for more nuclear power to displace coal

China’s nuclear power is much cheaper (420 renminbi [US$63] per 1000 kWh) than solar and wind renewables and is close to coal-fired power.

China investment in nuclear plants is projected to increase by 24% in the next 12 years – faster than investment in natural gas and renewables under the Sustainable Development Plan.

China’s 58GW nuclear target will likely slip to 2022. China had talked about a target of 150GWe of nuclear power in 2030. However, 115 GWe or perhaps more should be achievable in 2030.

Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017 and forecasts to renewable utility costs in 2020. (IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency)

The potential 0.05 cents per kwh is the $50 per Megawatt hour cost that China has for nuclear power.

The US Energy Information Administration has levelized cost of ownership for US power being completed in 2022. US nuclear power is two times or more the cost of China’s nuclear power.