Crisis and opportunities for new nuclear power

There was a study of advanced nuclear reactors costs by the Energy Options Network.

Energy Options Network looked at

Elysium Industries MSR
General Electric SFR
Moltex Energy MSR
NuScale Power APWR
Terrestrial Energy MSR Canada
ThorCon Power MSR
Transatomic Power MSR

Two of the companies had construction costs of about $2100 per KW and operating costs of $14-20 per MWH. Those costs are about three times less than conventional nuclear power.

Conventional nuclear power is having trouble competing with low-cost natural gas and increasingly competitive solar and wind.

There are three main drivers for new nuclear power
* the need for existing commercial nuclear operators and possibly some coal plants to have an option for replacing conventional nuclear power plants
* the need for Asian countries (China, India, Indonesia, South Korea and others) to have a lot of new clean energy to match their economic growth
* the need for the US military to have a strong commercial nuclear industry to support and integrate with military nuclear needs

The United States military cannot let commercial US nuclear power fade away.

Military nuclear power and systems depend upon a strong commercial nuclear power industry.

Most of the companies studied by Energy Options Network look like solid commercial energy options.

The ThorCon molten salt reactor has the potential to be built at ship construction yards. This could scale to 100 gigawatts per year. This is the most interesting option for the US military.