Elysium Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor will use existing technology for rapid approval

The Elysium Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor (MCSFR) is state-of-the-art in its design. Elysium’s technology is unique as it can provide base-load and clean power while addressing the current issues in the nuclear power industry. Based on demonstrated technology in the 1960s, Elysium has adapted and improved the molten salt reactor design for commercial deployment. In addition, the Elysium reactor has the ability to consume spent nuclear fuel and weapons waste transforming it into useful energy.

The Elysium MCSFR will be built utilizing existing code-qualified materials and relies on natural processes. Elysium is simplifying engineering systems saving cost with natural techniques for passive operation and safety.

Everything that Elysium is choosing is to only use what is qualified and working at this time.

The design is barely critical at all times. The flow rate of material controls the power output.

One reactor vessel for all sizes of power plants and power levels.

More piping, more pumps and more heat exchangers increase the power level.

The Loop reactor will be the easiest to get approved in the USA.
The modular reactor will be most efficient and maintainable in the long run.
The Integral reactor will need more work for maintenance. The Terrestrial energy design is integral and will have the entire maintainable section designed to be removed or redundant.

A Simpler Reactor

Use of code qualified materials

Comprised of simple structures with thin walled vessels benefiting from lower operational pressure. Elysium’s reactor design is focused on incorporating materials, salt chemistry, and components that have high technical readiness today, reducing cost and time for development and testing.

Mostly automated

Enables inherent passive reactor operations and safety response, and simplified reactor control systems, thus increasing safety and reducing cost by eliminating human operator actions.

Low Maintenance Needs

No need to frequently replace components during reactor lifetime such as solid fuel rods, that are used in today’s nuclear power plants, and moderators used in thermal molten salt reactors.

Flexible Power Rating

With a capacity of 1 GW electric, the Elysium MCSFR can provide baseload electricity amounting to sales of ~$400 million every year. Producing and selling large amounts of power enables the utility to recoup these fixed costs quickly and maximize economic viability of the design. However, if required and/or under the right economics, the Elysium MCSFR can provide low power levels.

High Fuel Utilization – so very little waste aka unburned fuel

Using a liquid fuel and a fast neutron spectrum allows for the efficient utilization of almost all the nuclear fuel material leading to lower total fuel costs over the lifetime of the reactor. Elysium’s reactor burns over 95% of fuel, as opposed to 1-4% for thermal water reactors. Even after a reactor is decommissioned, the fuel can be reused in follow-on reactors.

Reduced Construction costs

The Elysium MCSFR operates at relatively low pressures, which dramatically reduces the size and cost of the reactor vessel and containment buildings relative to conventional pressurized water reactors. Additional costs associated with solid fuel fabrication and validation are also eliminated. Passive safety systems, also reduce cost relative to emergency coolant injection systems and other similar systems in conventional reactors. These factors lead to significant savings in its construction costs relative to conventional reactors.