Exosuit to assist elderly mobility will be in stores by end of 2018 in US, Japan and UK

Seismic is combining clothing and robotics into what they call Powered Clothing™. They aim to get exosuits into stores by the end of 2018 in the US, Japan and the UK.

The suit’s ‘electric muscles’, powered by tiny motors, contract and mimic human muscle. These electric muscles are part of the clothing around the joints of the body and attached via grips in the clothing. The grips act like tendons in the human body.

A computer and sensors tracking body movements are also integrated into the suit; software tells the muscles in the clothing when to activate. The hard technology components such as motors, batteries and control boards are incorporated into hexagonal low-profile pods, designed for maximum comfort.

The company is a spinoff of SRI International which is well-known research non-profit.

Seismic is making products to help people who have suffered strokes and children with muscular dystrophy. They will also have suits for occupational safety and industrial applications and people working in warehouses or construction sites.

SuitX Exosuit

Harvard has exosuits for the military and for elderly as well

The Wyss Institute at Harvard is developing a soft wearable suit to improve human performance and reduce the energy used during walking. They have had DARPA program.

Lockheed has a lightweight exoskeleton to boost soldier endurance

Lockheed Martin has a lightweight (14 pound) lower body exoskeleton for boosting the endurance of soldiers.