Facebook takes your data and you get nothing, O2OPay collects your data and you get paid

O2OPay provides token payments instead of a coupon, loyalty points or other payments. Consumers get more compensation for data or for taking actions that would have resulted in points or rewards or cashback. O2O means Online to Offline and they mean to get a large part of the coupon, reward and loyalty by integrating with all of China’s major e-commerce systems.

They will allow merchants to offer wireless charging with monetization via ads served to smartphones that are wirelessly charging.

They will collect data on individuals through sport watches and smartphone sensors and other data via IoT devices, and then also enable monetization.

O2O already works with Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay

O2OPay’s commercial payment system works with VD Korea’s VD Pay. VD Pay has been working in China for over 10 years. VD Pay is a payment system works with AliPay, Wechat Pay, and Union Pay’s Mobile QR codes. O2OPay integrates the O2OToken’s QR Code into VD Pay.

O2OPay Official publicity video

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