Four Thai Boys have been rescued so far using buddy diving

A team of 90 expert divers – 40 from Thailand and 50 from overseas – has been working in the cave system.

Divers have been guiding the boys through darkness and submerged passageways towards the mouth of the Tham Luang cave system, where they have reportedly been able to walk the last part on foot.

Rescuers took advantage of a break in the rain to launch the mission much earlier than originally expected.

The first phase has also been conducted much faster than officials had predicted.

Eight boys and their coach are still to be rescued (As of Sunday).

UPDATE Four more boys were rescued. As of Monday four boys and the coach are still to be rescued.

Buddy diving so far and not Elon’s makeshift submarine or the rescue pods

They appear to have used a buddy diving system.

Elon Muska and Arcata-based Wing Inflatable created rescue pods and those are now available in Thailand.

Elon Musk is building a “mini-submarine”. It is being built from the liquid oxygen transfer tube of a Falcon rocket hull. It would be light enough to be carried by 2 divers and small enough for narrow gaps. It is not clear whether the mini-subs have been built and delivered.

UPDATE – Elon Musk has tweeted out pictures and video of mini-submarine tests

Elon Musk has shown pictures and videos of the mini-subs being tested in a swimming pool in Los Angeles. If the rescue mission for the remaining 9 continues to be delayed then the rescue pods or mini-subs might still be used.

The 8 remaining boys could be weaker so those options could still be considered.