Gene therapy could enable a world filled with youth and genius

George Church talks about how success with adult cures for diseases would also enable cognitive enhancement, antiaging and transhumanism.

There are many diseases where there are cognitive decline diseases. If we can inject the body with gene therapies that affect all the cells of the brain then a cure for cognitive decline in one person could have the off-label impact of cognitive enhancement in a “normal” person.

There are diseases of accelerated aging. Genetic modifications could be injected that reverse those aging effects. Those same injections could reverse aging in what is currently considered to be a normal person.

The power of genetic engineering is such that overshooting beyond average could become easy.

Four gene modifications can boost radiation resistance by 100,000 times.

There are people with rare but highly beneficial genes. Adult whole-body gene therapy could make what is currently good and rare into something that is common or universal.