Gene therapy to remove old cells is extending the life of older mice

Oisin Biotechnology is a leader in removing senescent cells for antiaging. They have shown p16 positive senescent cells can be killed on demand in both in vitro and in vivo environments. Now they have started on experiments that will show improvements in both healthspan and lifespan in model organisms from mice to primates. And then, everything changes.

The Oisin Biotechnologies staff are currently more than six months into a long-term mouse lifespan study, using cohorts in which the gene therapy is deployed against either p16, p53, or both p16 and p53, plus a control group injected with phosphate buffered saline (PBS). The study commenced more than six months ago with mice that were at the time two years (104 weeks) old.

So far half of the control group mice are dead but only 10% of the mice with both p16 and p53 gene therapy treatment are dead.

There is a 28 page presentation of the Oisin Biotechnologies work.

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