Google Alphabet’s newest Other Bets are Loon and Wing

Loon (stratospheric balloon internet) and Wing (drone delivery) are graduating Google’s X-lab to become two new independent businesses within Alphabet.

Loon will work with mobile network operators globally to bring internet access to unconnected and under-connected people around the world. Wing is building a drone delivery system to improve the speed, cost, and environmental impact of transporting goods, and an unmanned-traffic management platform to safely route drones through the skies.

Other X-lab graduates are Waymo (self-driving cars), Chronicle (Cybersecurity) and Verily (Applying tech and data science to work on disease cures). X-lab is still working on robotics, free-space optics and Glass.

Google Wind drones can automatically manage the flight paths of all these different types of drones and plan new, clear routes for each aircraft if and when conflicts arise.

The core elements of Google’s Drone management platform:

* Real-time route planning for UAS that are flying in the same area
* Notifications to alert operators of any unexpected changes in the aircraft or route during flight
* Airspace notifications that allow operators to avoid FAA no-fly zones and safety-sensitive areas (for example: forest fires). An airspace restriction that we simulated as part of our testing is shown below.