Hubspot has a free and easy CRM system that could be sufficient for small and medium sized companies

Hubspot has a suite of products to organize, track and manage leads, sales and marketing. They have an interesting completely free to use CRM offering.

Hubspot is offering a basic CRM product for free and commit to keeping it free. There are numerous testimonials that it is easy to use and intuitive.

Demo and training videos provide and simple installation provide evidence that it is both free and easy.

If you create a Hubspot account and answer a few questions you can get the CRM operating in minutes.

You will be able to manage sales and contacts and you are given templates and snippets to help create emails with more useful citations and information.

Snippets are reusable blocks of text that can be used on various CRM records, templates and messages.

Customer service, automation and other features have varying levels of monthly costs. There is also the free levels of sales and marketing and higher subscription levels with more features. Pricing is about $50 per month for one user up to $400-800 per month for certain modules.

Salesforce costs $25-300 per month for each user. Salesforce typically costs $5000-80,000 to implement. 15 users using Salesforce can cost about $2,700 per month.

Hubspot currently offers the basic CRM service for 1 million contacts and 1 million users. However, other components can have price escalation based on contacts.

CRM software has overtaken database software in 2017 as the largest software market.

There are over a dozen strong CRM software competitors.

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