In a few years Scanners so electronics can stay in luggage

Airport security is both slow and ineffective. The random testing of airport security finds that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) fails to detect weapons 80-95% of the time. The 95% failure rate was from 2001 to 2015. Recent tests have found some improvement to 80%.

New scanning equipment could speed up security checks by 30% and with further integration in a few years, it may no longer be necessary to remove laptops and electronics for separate scanning from luggage.

The new CT (scanning) systems are based on the same technology currently used to automatically screen checked bags for explosives. Those systems are larger and the manufacturers have shrunk the physical footprint of the next-generation systems for checkpoint use. The technology presents images in three-dimensions, enhancing the awareness of operators of a bag’s contents.

Within a few years, if the new CT systems are installed at all airports then travelers may no longer have to remove anything from the luggage.

Amazon might bring down the costs of freight and luggage delivery

There are many luggage shipping companies.

There are times when is cheaper than sending luggage with airlines. Lugless indicates that some luggage can be shipped within the USA for $15-20 each.

Amazon may be developing lower cost luggage shipping.

Amazon is currently signing up partners for its freight delivery service. For about $10,000 minimum investment, individuals can lease up to 40 Amazon-branded delivery vehicles to deliver packages. Amazon estimates that an individual operating a 40-vehicle fleet could earn up to $300,000 per year under this new program. Amazon said that they hoped for hundred of new partners to sign up for the program in more than two dozen states over the next 18 months.