Private jets and business class are shifting to supersonic over the next 20 years

According to JetNet (reported in Knight Frank’s 2017 Wealth report), within the largest 10 markets for private aviation there are around 17,000 (16,854) privately owned aircraft registered. The US has 75% of private jet ownership amongst the top 10 markets. US private jets has grown 34% from 2006 to 2016 to reach 12,717.

Boom Supersonic believes there is a potential global market for 2000 supersonic jets.

Boom Supersonic plans to make one-way supersonic air travel from London to New York cost about $2,600.

They have developed prototypes of a 55-seater jet that will have a cruising speed of 1,451mph, 100mph faster than the Concorde. They hope to begin passenger flights by 2025.

Traveling at half the time will really require a separate system for aircraft boarding and clearing of customs. The pre-clearance systems for getting quickly through security checks will be more common and even separate airports, terminals and gates for supersonic and other high-end travel.

SpaceX has talked about going in under an hour anywhere on earth for a few thousand dollars by 2028

At the recent TED2018 conference, SpaceX COO Shotwell said she has become extremely bullish on BFR and BFS in the last several months.

In her opinion
* BFR (and point-to-point Earth transport) will be deployed “within a decade, for sure.”
* Point to point travel on EArth will be a few thousand dollars per person (less than business fare on a regular plane).

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