Sweatshops are less productive as every degree over 85 reduces productivity by 3%

Researchers found at 26 garment factories in India that temperature was over 85 degrees inside the factory that for every extra degree it got hotter, productivity went down by 3% and profits went down by 2.2%.

LEDs reduced the temperature on the factory floor by over 4 degrees. The increased profits covered the cost of swapping in the LEDs in less than eight months.

LEDs used 14% of the energy and gave off 14% of the heat.

This shows that it is worthwhile to find ways to keep factories cool. Factory builders should try to find cooler conditions and air conditioning would have an economic justification.

The issue of reduced productivity with higher temperature could become a greater problem with global warming.

This also is a new opportunity to boost the productivity, profit and earnings in manufacturing for the developing world.

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