Texas could have a higher population than California in 2045

California had a massive drop in projected population since a reforecast in 2014 and the forecasted future population in Texas has been increasing. The newest combined estimates are that Texas could have more people than California by 2045.

If Texas continues to grow at the rate they grew in 2000-2010, then Texas would pass California’s population in 2045.

California used to have a projection of 60 million people in 2050 but that projection is now 50 million people in 2054.

Texas has some projections of 54 million people in 2050.

Currently the Texas Department of health and human services projects nearly 30 million people in Texas in 2019.

In 2050, California and Texas should be just over 25% of the US population. The US population is projected to be 400 million in 2058.