Thai Navy SEALS and other divers have rescued 8 of the 13 trapped in the cave

The Thai Navy Seal facebook page has provided live updates on the rescue of the boys from the cave in Thailand.

Four more boys were rescued on Monday and have been admitted to the hospital according to an unidentified local official.

A total of eight of the 12 boys have been rescued over the last two days. A total of twelve players of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach were trapped in the flooded cave complex on June 23.

“2 days, 8 Boars,” said a message on the Thai Navy SEALS Facebook page.

The four boys who were rescued on Sunday were in stable condition, according to Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda. Mongkol Boonpiam. One of the boys was considered to have been the weakest of those trapped.

Sunday’s rescue required 90 divers, more than half of them foreign, to navigate flooded and pitch-black terrain, some of it menaced by strong currents. Most of the trapped boys do not know how to swim.

Two divers were assigned to each boy.

Rescue pods built by Wing Inflatables and mini-subs have been built by Elon Musk

Rescue pods and mini-subs have been built. The Rescue Pods were delivered to the cave site. It is not known if

this extra equipment has been used by the Thai Navy Seals or international scuba divers.