Turbo Rocket Economics are $85/kg to LEO or $715/kg to Luna

Formal presentation of latest Turbo Rocket developments at 2018 AIAA Energy and Propulsion Conference.

The Turbo rocket is the only rocket with the delta-V to get back to earth from the moon.

A SpaceX BFR needs 5 refueling missions to go to the moon and back. SpaceX BFR would be $12000 per kilogram to the moon and back. This is about 16 times more expensive than the turbo rocket.

The Turbo Rocket architecture represents a new paradigm for access to space economics.

Large payload fractions of 35-50%, Low Construction Cost and Full Reuse
Cost to LEO: less than $85/kg w/10 flights
Cost to Luna: less than $715/kg w/10 flights
Staged Combustion: Lowest Cost to LEO
Nuclear Thermal: Lowest Cost for Near Earth Return and Larger Payloads to Everywhere

The Turbo Rocket architecture is the first such known to be able to achieve payload fractions to LEO above 44%, representing an order of magnitude improvement over the state of the art.