Future US versus China Navy Sizes

The US Navy’s newest 30-year shipbuilding plan gets to 308 ships by 2020, a year faster than the previous administration’s goal of 2021. The target is 326 ships by the end 2023. The US Navy will not reach the goal of 355 ships until the 2050s.

The US Navy will refurbish six of the older cruisers. This will mean 17 cruisers will go past their 35-year service life. The Navy is currently upgrading its newest 11 cruisers through a phased modernization plan.

China plans to get to a 351 ship Navy by 2020.

The DOD expects China to build five more aircraft carriers by 2033. This will go along with the old Ukrainian carrier that is currently in operation.

China is also working on a new Type 055 cruiser equipped with land-attack missiles, lasers and rail-gun weapons.

By the mid-2020s, China likely will build the Type 093B guided-missile nuclear attack submarine. This new SHANG-class variant would enhance the PLAN’s anti-surface warfare capability and could also provide a more clandestine land-attack option.

The Type 093 is estimated to be roughly 7,000 t displacement when submerged, 110 metres (360 ft) long with a beam of 11 metres (36 ft). Commercial imagery suggests the Type 093G is longer. The sonar suite includes H/SQC-207 flank-mounted sonar. The boat may also use a seven-blade asymmetric propeller.

The Type 095 is a class of third generation nuclear-powered attack submarines for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China. The first unit entered service in November 2017 and there are two more under construction out of 5 units planned as of April 2018.

It was anticipated that Type 095 submarines have a substantially reduced acoustic signature, within an improved hull type. Compared to the Type 093, the Type 095 will have a more advanced nuclear reactor, VLS tubes and greater number of advanced sensors such as new active/passive flank array sonar and low and high frequency towed sonar array. Additionally, it is also speculated that Type 095 submarines may act as a potential undersea escort for any future PLAN aircraft carrier task forces.

China’s Navy will have a larger number of ships and submarines than the US Navy in 2030.

In 2017, CNAS forecasted that China would have 500 ships and those ships would mostly be comparable to US technology levels.

By 2030, many forecasts suggest that China will be quantitatively on par with the United States, while others suggest Beijing may even have a significantly larger naval order of battle than the United States.