Academy Awards for movies you actually watched will award good movies

Some people call this a sellout but actively avoiding what 90% of the potential audience of the award show would want was just stupid.

There will be one major award for movies you actually watched and liked. The award will be selecting the best quality movie out of several that you know and care about. The viewers will be able to celebrate and praise the best of the popular movies in that year. Some combination of quality and popularity is not a bad balance to have.

We can review past years to show this is an interesting and worthy category. I think the movies that would have been nominated for the award in prior years are not an embarrassment and would have been made interesting viewing.

Which movies could have won this outstanding popular film in previous years

The new category is for outstanding achievement in popular film. Eligibility requirements and other key details will be revealed later.

Examples of films which could have won this year and previous years, in most years there are a couple of quality films that would have been competing for the prize:

2018  Black Panther
      Avengers Infinity War
2017  Logan  ($226 million domestic)  
      Dunkirk (also nominated for Best Picture and earned $188 million domestic)
2016  Captain America Civil War $408 million domestic
      La La Land  $151 million domestic
2015  Pixar's Inside Out, $356 million domestic
      The Martian $228 million domestic 
2014  American Sniper  $350 million
      Captain America Winter's Soldier  $259 million
2013  Frozen  $400 million
      Gravity $274 million
2012  Dark Knight Rises $448 million
      Avengers $623 million
2011  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
      Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
2010  Toy Story 3
2009  Pixar's Up
2008  Dark Knight
      Iron Man

Alternative would have been to continue to intentionally dismiss what is both good and popular

Hating what the fans like is the path of Star Wars the Last Jedi.

As Yoda said – Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Do not be surprised when your Hate leads to suffering in the television ratings or movie box office.