Becoming an exponential winner – SU Summit 2018

Amin Toufani is an economist who discussed that there will be exponential winners and losers. He discusses what it takes for individuals and companies to be future winners.

Amin gave parts of the SU Summit 2018 at two other events. Amin has updated and expanded his thesis.

There are more powerful business models with more pricing power.

Content has the least pricing power.
Product or Service has more pricing power
Platforms have more power.
Ecosystem of many platforms are even better. The only true ecosystem currently is WeChat
Operating System – Exponential system dynamics have adaptable, scalable and self-management systems. There should be no managers in the system

Emails are a form of collaboration system. As systems become more complex they need to shift to coordination.

76% prefer to work in by themselves.

Project YOLO (

BLAIQ-NET (BLockchain, AI, Quantum) is the world we are heading.

There is IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adaptability Quotient)

Adaptability Quotient is the prediction of success

Unlearning is a new core competency. It leads to stability

Adding certainty to an uncertain world.

Absolute Poverty is going down but Relative poverty is going up.

Relative poverty is a problem. When people board a plane and have to walk past business class to economy then Air Rage incident went up 218%.