China is constantly improving stealth planes, drones and engines

In 2019, China will start deploy J-20B stealth fighters with a new Xian WS-15 jet engine. This engine could finally bring China to about the engine performance level of the US PW-119 engine that were installed over 20 years ago in the F22.

The US has jet engines programs to improve and the power and fuel efficiency of engines compared to those used in the F22.

China is continuing to refine the stealth and various component and systems in their J-20 and J-31 stealth fighters.

China is also continuing to upgrade and improve stealth technology and engines in large stealth drones.

China could soon reveal a stealth bomber which might be comparable to the US B2 stealth bomber.

China’s Air Force is well funded and is clearly surpassing Russia’s air force and catching up to US military technology on the whole range of systems.

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  2. I thought the numbers were that the USA was currently producing MORE products than ever before.
    The confusion is because there is more manufacturing, but less people employed in manufacturing. Because 20 guys with 20 million dollars worth of CNC milling machines and similar can outproduce 200 guys with 1950s tech.

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  6. China is already producing the WS-10B which has similar performance to the F-119 that powers the F-22

    >However, the thrust-to-weight ratio of the original WS-10 engine was only 7.5, while that of the WS-10B tops out at about nine. The thrust-to-weight ratio of the all-direction, vector turbofan WS-15 Emei engine is more than 10 – one of the basic requirements for giving the J-20 “supercruise” ability.

    Both have a thrust weight of 9

    Thrust-to-weight ratio: > 9

    So they already have something comparable, they will have superior engines by next year when they upgrade to the WS-15 thrust vectoring

  7. Funny how our per capita income in sky high, but we have never manufactured fewer products. A bubble? Inflation? My $140k in 2018 has great purchasing power if I want to buy Chinese crhap off Amazon, but I pay $9,000 a year in property taxes because the teacher and and the cop and the city council make that money too. I don’t see how it’s going to last. Looks like a Ponzi scheme to me.

  8. China has 4.2 times as many people as the US, in roughly the same land area. Russia has about half the population of the US with twice the land area. People continue to be the primary economic fundamental. I can picture China having political problems but I’d bet that they surpass the United States in total economic might within 20 or 30 years, not sure if they will ever catch up in terms of per-capita income, currently 7 times greater in the US, a serious problem they will have to solve if they expect to be making more advanced machines.

  9. Pratt & Whitney and General Electric spent 12 years developing prototypes of the F119 engine in the 1980s then, after the engine’s maiden flight, followed by another 14 years of testing before they deployed them on F-22s in September, 1997.

    If China can deliver original-spec WS-15 engines they will beat the F119 by 10kN, an impressive accomplishment for a developing country that gives it the lead and momentum to compete with upgrades to the US engine.

  10. Lets see China build a home grown jet turbine that is comparable to anything the US has, then we will talk. So far they have a few knock off Russian engines, other than that they are always a year away from having their own that is anywhere comparable to a GE or Pratt & W engine. Its been 5 years since they were a year away.

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