China number two in military spending starting in 2006 and India will be number three in 2019

China became number two in military spending in 2006 and India will become the number three military spender in 2019.

In total from 2006 to 2018, China has spend about three times as much as Russia and the UK but it has taken 13 years for China to modernize and have competitive or superior systems to Russia and the UK. China might not be a clear and definitive number two military technology and capability until 2025. China will not try to compete with Russia and the USA in terms of a matching nuclear capability.

There is an overall level of economic development, manufacturing and technical capability that is needed along with sustained military spending in order to have a superior military capability.

India economy will grow into its number three military spending position. It will take until 2030-2040 for India to establish a clear world number 3 military.