China’s Navy is triple Taiwan’s Navy but a D-Day type invasion would be tough

The Pentagon report indicates that China’s navy and air assets are about ten times Taiwan’s capabilities but assesses a Chinese amphibious D-Day invasion as a risky and challenging operation for China.

China has military capabilities which could successfully intervene in North Korea

A Pentagon report discussed the possibility that China could respond militarily to a crisis on the Korean Peninsula. China has long been concerned about stability along its border with North Korea. Should a crisis or conflict occur on the Peninsula, China’s leaders could order the PLA to engage in a range of operations. These could range from securing the China North Korea border to prevent the flow of refugees to a military intervention into North Korea.

The Northern Theater contains three group armies of approximately 170,000 soldiers, a naval fleet, two air force bases, one specialized air division, two naval aviation divisions, and People’s Armed Police (PAP) units that conduct border defense operations. Additional theaters could also be asked to support a larger North Korea related contingency.

In response to a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear incident on the Korean
Peninsula, the PLA could deploy emergency response units with specialized equipment and
personnel who routinely train for rapid responses.