Claimed Room Temperature Superconductor awaits independent confirmation

The Indian chemists who posted an Arxiv paper that nanostructured silver and gold are room temperature superconductors are well-regarded chemical physicists from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India.

The researchers are not sharing their samples or their data. They are having their results validated by independent experts in the respective research fields.

The independent confirmation should not take more than a few weeks. The actual testing work should only take a day or two if the materials are clearly working as claimed. It would take time to make the writeup and testing bulletproof for the massive scrutiny that it will get.

There is also the time needed for any patent filings and setting up companies.

The negative attention and scrutiny that is also being given to the paper will likely slow down the publishing of confirmation.

Possbile Data problems have been noted in the paper

Pratap Raychaudhuri suggested how the noise could be the same.

Raychaudhuri noted other anomalies. The gold and silver nanostructure exhibited a resistive (in other words, electrical) and magnetic transition to a superconductor at the same temperature. According to Raychaudhuri, this would only happen if the test was done on the same sample, which the authors reported was not the case. Raychaudhuri argued that these issues could be easily resolved if the authors would share their test samples with the wider research community, which he said so far they haven’t done.