Combining AgeX, Oiin Biotech and Rejuvenate Bio for huge antiaging

Michael West explains his theory that the body normally gets rid of senescent cells when we are younger because the body has enough rejuvenation to replace the cells.

However, the older body cannot replace the cells as easily so the body says wait lets keep those heart cells or other cells because I cannot replace them.

AgeX is trying to use telomerase and induced regeneration to enable the body to constantly maintain regeneration. This could mean that the body would go back to aggressively getting rid of sub-standard cells.

By itself, AgeX might achieve massive human longevity gains.

Oisin Biotechnology is clearing old cells

If the body still did not get rid of the substandard cells then work at Oisin Biotechnology and others would enable to bad cells to be cleared.

Oisin is extending the life of mice and has proven safety and improvement in monkeys. They will start human clinical trials in 2019.

Rejuvenate Bio has 60 aging reversal gene therapies. They have mentioned but not yet published eye popping results in mice. They are testing aging reversal in dogs in 2018-2019. Human treatments could be available on a general basis by 2025.

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