Combining AgeX, Oiin Biotech and Rejuvenate Bio for huge antiaging

Michael West explains his theory that the body normally gets rid of senescent cells when we are younger because the body has enough rejuvenation to replace the cells.

However, the older body cannot replace the cells as easily so the body says wait lets keep those heart cells or other cells because I cannot replace them.

AgeX is trying to use telomerase and induced regeneration to enable the body to constantly maintain regeneration. This could mean that the body would go back to aggressively getting rid of sub-standard cells.

By itself, AgeX might achieve massive human longevity gains.

Oisin Biotechnology is clearing old cells

If the body still did not get rid of the substandard cells then work at Oisin Biotechnology and others would enable to bad cells to be cleared.

Oisin is extending the life of mice and has proven safety and improvement in monkeys. They will start human clinical trials in 2019.

Rejuvenate Bio has 60 aging reversal gene therapies. They have mentioned but not yet published eye popping results in mice. They are testing aging reversal in dogs in 2018-2019. Human treatments could be available on a general basis by 2025.

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  1. No, ‘ barraen ‘ is the Gaelic adjective for ‘ from Barra ‘, in the Scottish Hebrides. That way you can be sure that the sunshine won’t have enough UV to damage your skin, and the fresh climate will bring a flush of health to your complexion.

  2. No ‘ barraen ‘ is the Gaelic adjective for ‘ from Barra ‘ in the Scottish Hebrides. That way you can be sure that the sunshine won’t have enough UV to damage your skin and the fresh climate will bring a flush of health to your complexion.

  3. No, ‘ barraen ‘ is the Gaelic adjective for ‘ from Barra ‘, in the Scottish Hebrides. That way you can be sure that the sunshine won’t have enough UV to damage your skin, and the fresh climate will bring a flush of health to your complexion.

  4. 59 means you will soon enough be entering the ‘danger zone’ for serious risk of getting the diseases (and pain) of old age. I suppose all you can do at present is eat clean and exercise a bit to try and avoid diabetes etc as much as possible.

    You could also give $10 a month to the hereos campaign. This money goes towards much needed advocacy for lifespan research.

  5. Brett, for god sakes get into a pool for an hour. The inflammation is non-existent. I would vary your strokes of course to keep wear and tear down but you can swim laps, water jog, tread water or dive down for variation. Clinical evidence abounds for the rejuvenating effects of swim.

  6. I’m not insulted, but you need to understand that not everybody can run. I have arthritic ankles, only the SAMe has delayed joint replacements. Literally, if I ran 100 meters, the next day I would not be able to walk.

    And I really want to delay those replacement ankles, I understand the artificial ones aren’t that hot yet.

    Usually I do a walking pace on a treadmill set to an 8% slope to increase the cardiac load. As long as I stick to a walking gait, I’m sort of ok, I’ll suffer later in the evening, but the exercise is worth it.

    Only problem with that is my schedule has been screwed up the last year. Looking into getting a treadmill for at home, since I can’t make it to the gym.

  7. Ehm…. did my post insulted you ? It was not my intention. Then with 100 meters and gradually go 5-10 meters further, every day. You must overcome your problems and start being active if you wanna live longer.

  8. It’s very easy to say that sort of thing, but you may be getting the direction of causality backwards here; If you can do 2-5km in the mornings and evenings in your late 50’s and 60’s, you’re probably already in pretty good health. Not already suffering from arthritis or some other degenerative disease.

    Personally I scarf a lot of SAMe, and that lets me walk without pain, but if I were stupid enough to try RUNNING 2-5km, I wouldn’t even be able to walk the next day.

  9. Buy a bicycle. Do 2-5km in the morning and evenings. Eat only food from home made garden. Eat only meat from home. Make your own bread at home (yes, for real). Do chores once per day 2-4 hours, so you are moving. My mother is 67 without any medical issue what so ever, because she does, what i just wrote you. So… there you have it, living proof. If you wanna know about me. Me and my family don’t get ill in the winter, while there is flu pandemic etc….

  10. All paths should be pursued till they surely enough they produce too little RoI. It would be a shame to have the kind of tug of war that Mars/Moon has suffered from. This is why we can’t have too much public support. All of humanity deserves to see the end of involuntary aging asap.

  11. Given the rest of the comment I cannot just assume that this is supposed to say “barren ground” and so I’ll need confirmation.
    Also, what is “barren ground” in this definition? Do we have to sow the ground with salt to stop anything growing?

  12. All of this and more can be achieved once we start rejuvenating our life force by connecting directly to the sun. Start by walking 45 minuted barefoot on a barraen ground and take off your shirt and expose yourself to the sun during low radiation hours for 30 min a day.

  13. Brian, take a look at Repair Biotechnologies which was recently launched by Reason. Their initial goal is to rejuvenate the thymus, I’d guess through an injection of plasmids directly into the thymus containing the gene FOXN1, or perhaps a direct injection of these plasmids inside Oisin’s fusogenic lipid nanoparticles to improve cell uptake?

    “Researchers have of late been mapping the activities and relationships of Forkhead box protein N1 (Foxn1) in the thymus, and the paper I’ll point out today outlines some of the most recent findings. Sadly it isn’t open access, but I’m sure that won’t stop the determined reader in this day and age. This work is of interest to our community of longevity science supporters because increased levels of Foxn1 have been shown to restore a more youthful level of thymic activity in older animals and human cell lines, and have been used to regrow thymic tissue when used in conjunction with cell therapies.”

  14. Reason, author of the blog, does not believe that Rejuvenate Bio will achieve much as they will probably run into the same problems as earlier small molecule interventions that tried to modify metabolic pathways. The gerontological approach has not work, but the damage repair approach favoured by the SENS foundation might work.

    “I see that noted geneticist George Church has been discussing his new company Rejuvenate Bio in the media. The projects undertaken there are the logical progression of attempts to slow aging with pharmaceuticals, moving them into the era of gene therapy. This is still guided by the a philosophy of what Aubrey de Grey would call “messing with metabolism.” This means that researchers are attempting to alter the amounts of specific proteins in ways that adjust the operation of metabolism into what is hopefully a more optimal state, one in which cell and tissue damage, or the consequences of that damage, accrue more slowly. Gene therapies are far more effective tools than pharmaceuticals when it comes to achieving this outcome with minimal side-effects, and there are many candidate genes to explore.

    This is not, however, likely to be as effective as repairing the underlying damage that causes aging. It is tinkering with the broken state of metabolism that arises due to damage, trying to make it more functional without addressing the root cause of its problems. Clearly it is possible to do useful things via this approach, as demonstrated by the existence of statins, first generation stem cell therapies, and the like, but all of these technologies are in principle very limited in comparison to what might be achieved by reversing the root causes of aging.”

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