Future of Work with John Hagel at SU Global Summit 2018

John Hagel, Deloitte, is giving an updated talk on the Future of Work.

He has been given other talk on this subject.

John says all of the companies and executives that he talks to on the work only have two questions:

How quickly can we automate?
How much can we reduce staff?

Reskilling is buying time. Reskilling is giving people with obsolete skills new routine skills that provide a temporary job until that is automated.

Augmented work is to have systems to help people to routine work more accurately.

What could work be?
Can it be more than routine tasks.

Focus the workers on creating more and more values.

John differentiates between skills and human capabilities.
Human capabilities can be more generalized. This can be used to address unseen opportunities.

All children have creativity. But this gets suppressed after they go to school.

With change and uncertainty increasing then there will be growing opportunities emerging. Exceptions happen more and more.

There is an unlimited amount of work in unseen opportunities and challenges.

John’s organization (Center for the Edge) works on case studies.

Toyota has refocused workers on problem identification and problem-solving. They still had routine work but they would be recognized and rewarded for problem identification and solution. There is cord they could pull if the problem was very hard to get others to assist with the solution. Job passion and morale went up.

Morningstar is a large US tomato company. The leader of the company has developed self-management. People define their job mission about how they will improve the company. They then determine how to deliver on that mission. One worker identified a problem that vines were not removed before processing. He built a machine prototype for removing the vines and that machine is now used throughout the company.