Gravity Jet Suit Flight experiences now and Future Racing Events

Richard Browning spoke at SU Global Summit 2018 and demoed the Gravity Jet Suit twice this week in the SF bay area.

* they have made flying the Jet Suit far easier to fly. There is adjustment of the thrust so that as fuel is used and the flyer is getting lighter the thrust is reduced so the arms can be kept in the same position
* They have made six Jet Suits so far. A couple have been sold for about $440,000 each
* there is a Jet Suit that can fly for four minutes and another that can fly for nine minutes.
* they are developing winged Jet Suit.

Winged Jet Suits will be ten times more fuel efficient and enable far higher speeds. They will also allow gliding and being able to safely move past danger zones in vertical flight for safer travel.

The Gravity winged Jet Suits will be more similar to the Yves Rossi jetpack rather than hang-glider fabric wings.

Right now they offer Jet Suits for sale (about US$440K), Jet Suit flight experiences (about $14K) and Jet Suit training.

They are getting a lot of interest from the military but military procurement is long.

Gravity and Richard Browning are focused on building mass market sustainable business revenues.

This will be from racing events and creating televised shows and mass audience events.

Imagine a racecourse with several people going through and around large hoops and poles.

Richard believes having jetpack racing will drive the rapid improvement of the technology and the capabilities. This is similar to how Formula One and other car racing drive car technology. More powerful engines, lighter materials will be used.

The jetpack flying around a lake is similar to the racing laps that jetpack racing will have.

I believe that Jet Suit flying and Jet Suit adventure sports can become as big or bigger as X-games and motocross and motorcycling.

I will discuss the potential larger societal impact potential of Jet Suiting in follow up articles as well as comparing it to other personal flight technology.

Pictures from Hiller Museum flight demo

Jet Suit Flight Experience

Gravity’s UK location is The Hush House, a repurposed jet testing facility at a former RAF military base.

Clients will get a tour of the Human Propulsion Laboratory, followed by refreshments and a Jet Suit tailoring session.

Following preparation, a fully qualified Gravity Industries Pilot will take the client through:

The Jet Suit power-up sequence
Initial low-power flight experimentation
Higher power testing (dependent on client’s flight capabilities)