Israel and Hamas exchange over 150 rockets and 140 air strikes

Israel has launched air strikes that hit over 140 military targets on Gaza after Hamas militants fired over 150 rockets into Israel.

The Israeli air force hit more than 140 military targets across 20 sites in Gaza. Target included a factory for manufacturing facilities, training complexes, a maritime tunnel shaft, and other sites.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said least 100150 rockets were launched from Gaza toward Israel, with rocket alarms ringing into the early hours of the morning. Twenty rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome aerial defense system, while most others landed in open fields in southern Israel.

The fighting Wednesday left three Palestinians dead in Gaza, including a mother and her young daughter, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with injuries reported in Israel and Gaza.

Escalation seems likely

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren urged Israel to begin another operation in Gaza.

“It is inconceivable that Israeli citizens spend the night in reinforced rooms while Hamas commanders are walking freely,” Oren wrote on a tweet Thursday morning.

“I call for a return of Operation Protective Edge immediately!”