Kalashnikov walker robot is smaller than Megabot’s Eagle Prime and will not be active til 2019

Kalashnikov company built a 4-meter tall walking robot.
It was shown at the Russian Army-2018 defence expo and there are plans for some capabilities demonstration in 2019.

There have been US and Japanese fighting robots for several years. The US megabot are 16 feet tall versus Russia’s 13-foot tall robot.

Megabots Eagle Prime is the world’s largest (16 ft. tall), heaviest (12-ton), most powerful (430 horsepower, V8 engine) and most expensive ($2.5M) sports combat robot in history.

The Megabot company almost ran out of money in early 2018.

MegaBots turned to DSTI for its track record in developing fluid sealing solutions for challenging rotating applications.

MegaBots’ Eagle Prime battled Kuratas in a fight to the [robot] death. After three rounds, Eagle Prime whipped out its massive chainsaw and dismembered Kuratas, putting an end to the carnage and becoming the world’s first giant fighting robot champion.

Even with a win under their belt, the MegaBots team felt there was still room for improvement. “We designed Eagle Prime to be able to control the battlefield, so each arm could pick up a 2,500lb car or punch through gigantic obstacles, but we realized during the fight arm speed matters more than strength,” said MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti.

MegaBots designed and built a new, faster arm with more human-like movements. They got rid of exposed hoses on the arm. DSTI manufactured a custom hydraulic rotary union that allows the hoses to be routed into the middle of the arm while providing 360 degrees of continuous shoulder rotation.