NASA 3D Printed Mars Habitat Design winners

NASA announced winners of the 3D printed Mars habitat design challenge.

They had both exterior and interior designs.

Team Zopherus from Rogers, Arkansas, was the first-place winner of Phase 3: Level 1 of NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. The team’s design includes using a moving printer that deploys rovers to retrieve local materials.

They had three dome-shaped structures. It includes a hydroponic garden and a large, spiderlike robot that would function as both a lander and a 3D printer.

Other Winners

AI. SpaceFactory of New York City took second place with its “Marsha” habitat. It features flexible, hive-like structures designed to expand and contract to withstand temperature and atmospheric fluctuations on Mars.

The Kahn-Yates team of Mississippi was third with a hat-shaped habitat dotted with a lot of windows.

Fourth place had the following design.

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