Neural interfaces to connect humans and AI – SU Global Summit 2018

Tarin Ziyaee is Director of Algorithms, CTRL-Labs.

Ctrl-labs is developing neural interfaces to connect humans and AI.

Ctrl-labs is create a kit to enable neural control and interface AI

Ctrl-labs Hardware

Robust, multimodal biosensing
Comfortable skin-contact sensors reveal the neural signals underlying fine motor control
Inertial measurements compensate for external forces
Safe, non-invasive, and comfortable
Compact and lightweight
Connect to PCs and smartphones over Bluetooth


Hand pose reconstruction
API exposes the position and motions of each finger and joint, ready for 3D applications
No cameras, no line-of-sight problems
Built-in recognition and classification for common gestures
Force and Tension Modeling
Measure pinch and grasp forces
Detect muscle tension, with or without motion
Integration with VR and AR applications
Easy primitives for building Unity apps
Integrates with positioning systems for room-scale VR
Raw EMG Dashboard
View electromyographic waveforms, straight from your neuromotor system
Single Neuron Detection
Analyze spike events from individual motor neurons

Intention Capture Engine

* Powerful Neural Networks
Decode the hidden language of neurons using neuron-inspired technology
Generalized models work across a broad range of users without training

* Adaptive Control
Find the right customized neural control scheme for every interaction, fast.
Easily develop applications that train the user – and are trained by the user – in real time.

Tarin Ziyaee was CTO of Voyage where he developed a full autonomous stack, and deployment of driverless (L3) rides to seniors of a retirement community in San Jose.