New lands of immigrants are Australia and Canada who will have combined 100+ million within 35 years

Australia has just passed 25 million people. They currently grows by 1 new person every 83 seconds. By 2020 they will reach a population of 26 million, in 2030 a population of 30 million, and by 2048 Australia’s population will be over 40 million. Australia has immigration levels of about 190,000 per year.

The USA currently has a legal immigration quota of 675,000.

Canada and Australia are using selective immigration to grow their populations.

If Canada and Australia maintain immigration levels at 0.8 to 1.0% of population, then they would exceed the overall annual immigration numbers of the USA around 2030.

Foreign born resident are about 29% of Australia’s population. The US has about 14% foreign born. Canada has 23% foreign born.

Canada currently has 37 million people.

Canada is boosting immigration from 290,000 in 2017 up to 340,000 in 2020. This puts Canada on track to 40 million people in 2023.

Canada’s population will now track closer to a population forecast at this link.

Canada’s population will be

2023   40 million
2032   45 million
2040   50 million
2049   55 million
2056   60 million
2064   65 million

Canada will have the projected population of Spain in 2032 and Italy in 2050 and Germany in 2070.