Nine Astronauts for the SpaceX and Boeing crewed missions

NASA announced four astronauts who fly aboard the SpaceX crewed dragon.

The astronauts for SpaceX mission are Bob Behnken, Col. Doug Hurley, Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins.

The crewed dragon will likely fly in 2019.

Nine U.S. astronauts, eight NASA and one from Boeing, were assigned to the first test flights and operational missions for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon in partnership with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

The astronaut assignments are:

Boeing Crew Flight Test
Eric Boe

Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson
Nicole Aunapu Mann

SpaceX Demo-2
Bob Behnken
Doug Hurley

Boeing operational mission
Josh Cassada
Suni Williams

SpaceX operational mission
Victor Glover
Mike Hopkins

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