Russia will spend $24 billion to develop a large rocket by 2028

Russia will spend $24 billion to develop a super-heavy carrier rocket is intended to deliver over 70 tonnes of cargo into low near-Earth orbit. This would be a bit over the payload capacity of the SpaceX Heavy.

The construction of infrastructure for the new carrier rocket is expected to begin at the Vostochny spaceport in the Russian Far East in 2026.

It was previously reported that the plan was for the heavy rocket to be flying in 2028.

This is an expensive program to create a rocket that does not reusability in the design. It will be cheaper than the US Space Launch System.

SpaceX BFR and the SpaceX Heavy will be better than this new Russian Rocket.

Basic elements and technologies of the Soyuz-5 medium-class rocket currently under development will be used to create the super-heavy launch vehicle.

According to Roscosmos’s estimates, the creation of the super-heavy carrier rocket and the construction of the corresponding infrastructure will cost 1.5 trillion rubles ($24 billion).