Singularity University’s Global Startup Program will help entrepreneurs develop radical ideas and create real global impact

Singularity University has a new program to help startups take advantage of 10X tools to transform into disruptive global companies.

Entrepreneurs will be shown the power of converging exponential technologies to solve big challenges and make broad “billion-scale” impact.

Singularity University will help train and inspire entrepreneurs to create unique moonshot ideas. Entrepreneurs will then learn how to execute on those ideas to create new industries and support ecosystems. The ideas will be shaped into plans with a focus on rapid scaling and being dynamic.

What is in the new SU Global Startup Program?

The SU Global Startup Program will have structured and immersive workshops in many global locations and will provide continued support and resources in a best-in-class connectivity platform.

* Activate – an immersive four-week workshop that teaches exponential thinking, ideation at the billion scale and storytelling skills through the lens of the participant’s radical idea.

* Accelerate – an immersive four-week program at SU’s campus in Silicon Valley that bridges the path from vision to prototype through customer validation, business strategy, go-to-market planning and business plan development supported by mentorship and networking.

* Connect – one year-long access to SU’s digital platform used throughout the Global Startup Program to connect participants with SU’s ecosystem of mentors, faculty and staff; innovation tools; deep-dive digital courses, global meetups and virtual sessions with Ray Kurzweil and Dr Peter Diamandis.

This will be under the SU Ventures program which is focused on impact.

The previous program had people at an earlier stage. Now they want to accelerate companies instead of individuals.

The goal is ten thousand startups over ten years.

The goal is thousands of people per year will be going through the program.

SU looks at the Impact sector and other exponential technology sectors. The Impact Sector is the rebranding and re-imagining of world development.

Which companies are they looking for?

They want to focus on startups that want to go global and have been in business for at least two years. They want companies that are mission-aligned. They need to be in one of the ten global grand challenge areas.

SU is global now and has corporate partners

SU has 116 global chapters and has corporate partners to work with the GSP startups.