SpaceX hosting a Mars Workshop with 60 key scientists

SpaceX will host a “Mars Workshop” on Tuesday and Wednesday this week at the University of Colorado Boulder. SpaceX regularly meets with a variety of experts concerning its missions to Mars.

Nearly 60 key scientists and engineers from industry, academia, and government will attend the workshop. There will be some leaders from NASA’s Mars exploration program. Attendees are being asked to not publicize the workshop or their attendance.

There are three co-hosts:
* Paul Wooster, SpaceX’s principal Mars development engineer
* Margarita Marinova, senior Mars development engineer
* Bobby Braun, dean of the College of Engineering & Applied Science at CU Boulder. Braun wasa a former chief technologist for NASA.

Zubrin, Mars Colonization Champion notes the Key is SpaceX and Elon are showing it can be done

SpaceX has shown it is possible. Any other company in China or Russia or Europe or Japan that wants to attempt to become their countries version of SpaceX will get taken seriously and will have will get funding.

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