Stratolaunch will have four kinds of air-launched rockets

Stratolaunch will use four different air-launched rockets.

The updated launch offering from Stratolaunch includes the following vehicles:

Pegasus: With its existing track record of over 35 successful launches, Pegasus provides dependable access to orbit.
Capability: 370 kg payload* for a single or triple configuration
Status: Flight proven, integration and testing ongoing with first flight in 2020

Medium Launch Vehicle (MLV): A new medium-class air-launch vehicle optimized for short satellite integration timelines, affordable launch and flexible launch profiles.
Capability: 3,400 kg payload*
Status: In development with first flight in 2022

Medium Launch Vehicle – Heavy: A three-core MLV variant with capability to deploy heavier payloads to orbit.
Capability: 6,000 kg payload*
Status: Early development

Space Plane: A fully reusable space plane that enables advanced in-orbit capabilities and cargo return. Initial designs optimized for cargo launch, with a follow-on variant capable of transporting crew.
Capability: Medium-class payload or crew
Status: Design study

Stratolaunch will be sharing more on these launch vehicles and on our vision for improved access to before the end of 2018. Visit the newly refreshed website at to learn more about our vision and career opportunities.