T.OS is a cryptocurrency that can match the speed and simplicity of mobile credit card payments

Tosblock or T.OS is a cryptocurrency which has several innovations which make it realistic and practical for use in commercial transactions.

The key innovations are
* TOSC coin is used for trading on exchanges, and another stable coin (TOSP) for payments to merchants. * TOSP is pegged to the currency the users reside in.
* T.OS payment can process in 4 seconds and up to 1,000 transactions per second
* There is a limit of 6 billion T.OS coins and 420 transactions per T.OS coin
* T.OS coins can be converted to TOSP when the customer wants to buy or sell
* TOSP is not traded in exchanges and only can be converted to cash. TOSP is not minable because individuals cannot join the network and the ledger is not disclosed.
* TOSP is an optimized private coin and a fast and stable means of payment. TOSP is not traded in the market so there is no risk of being exposed to hackers. TOSP coin for commercial transactions is safe both for customers and business owners

T.OS is trading now and TOSP is already being used in Singapore and Korea

T.OS coin started trading on a Singapore exchange.

T.OS has its first affiliate in Korea. The Kento’s Group launched its use of T.OS on June 19, 2018.

Using T.OS is as convenient as any regular mobile payment system

T.OS has wallets and apps usable on iPhones, Android and Windows devices.
The 1% commission is competitive with and sometimes superior to the commissions used in credit card payment systems.