US army will convert 70 supply trucks to full self driving by 2020

The US Army is accelerating its Automated Ground Resupply (AGR) program by spinning off something called the Expedient Leader-Follower demonstration. Contractors are currently installing Robotic Research LLC’s computer brains and sensors on 10 Oshkosh M1075 PLS (Palletized Loader System) trucks that’ll be used for safety certification tests in 2019. They’ll convert 60 more to self-driving vehicles in time to equip two Army transportation companies in 2020.

Oshkosh Ground Resupply

Oshkosh® TerraMax® unmanned ground vehicle technology integrates high-power military computers, intelligence, drive-by-wire technology and state-of-the-art distributed sensing systems to make unmanned ground vehicles run with no driver and limited supervision. TerraMax technology is available in kit form, so the original utility of the vehicle, crew comfort and payload capacity remain unhindered.