Will the massively rich be able to become massively different? SU Global Summit 2018

Amin Toufani at the SU Global Summit 2018 made several claims and conclusions in regard to the exponential future. One is that 2020-2030 would be remembered historically as the Great Bifurcation. He refers to this as the time when there is not just increasing inequality between the megarich and the rest but when the rich use the wealth to create permanent advantages in lifespan, health, intelligence and other changes.

India’s Caste system has had existed in various forms for 3500 years. This was a system of societal stratification that greatly reduced social mobility and had people marrying people at their same monetary and societal level.

This did result in intelligence breeding and education differences which were handed down through many generations.

Amin point is that exponential technologies will take the differences beyond monetary to buying life extension and cognitive enhancement.

Nextbigfuture tracks these developments and believes those technologies will be developed but they will become as universally accessible as vaccination. However, there will be lags where the best versions will be available to the wealthy first.

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