Carnival of Space 577

Above – This 1.5 tonne building block was produced as a demonstration of 3D printing techniques using lunar soil. The design is based on a hollow closed-cell structure – reminiscent of bird bones – to give a good combination of strength and weight. Credit: ESA

Universe Today – Building Bricks on the Moon From Lunar Dust

ESA scientists have been using Moon dust simulants harvested right here on Earth. As Aiden explained, regolith on both Earth and the Moon are the product of volcanism and are basically basaltic material made up of silicates.

Universe Today – Look at all the Aerosols Pushed into the Atmosphere, from Fires, Volcanoes and Pollution. Even Sea Salt Thrown into the Air from Hurricanes

Universe Today – This is a 3D map of 400,000 Hot Massive Stars Located Within 10,000 Light-Years From the Sun, Thanks to Gaia!

Universe Today – Dust off Your Lunar Colony Plans. There’s Definitely Ice at the Moon’s Poles.

Universe Today – There are so Many Water-Worlds Out There

Many of the confirmed exoplanets that are between two to four times the size of Earth may in fact be water worlds. On these planets, roughly 50% of the mass consists of water, whereas water makes up just 0.2% of the Earth’s mass. About 35% of all known exoplanets that are larger than Earth should be water-rich.

Nextbigfuture – Giant 30-40 meter ground telescopes will begin direct imaging many more exoplanets around 2024

Nextbigfuture – Pictures and Video of the SpaceX Crew Dragon

Nextbigfuture – Evidence that Universe has infinite cycle of Big Bangs from very early black holes

Nextbigfuture – US targets a megawatt laser by 2023 and then deployment in drones and satellites for hypersonic and ICBM defense