Carnival of Space 579

The Carnival of Space 579 is up at Cosmoquest.

Universe Today – Cassini Data Has Revealed a Towering Hexagonal Storm at Saturn’s Northern Pole

Universe Today – Europan Space Whales Anyone? Planets Covered by Deep Oceans Can Still Have Life on Them

Simulations indicated that there was the right amount of carbon present for many exoplanets that are in habitable zones. While they did not have enough minerals and elements from the crust dissolved in the oceans to pull carbon out of the atmosphere, they had enough water to cycle carbon between the atmosphere and the ocean. This process was apparently enough to keep the climate stable over several billion years.

The Hill – How ice on the moon can get us to Mars

Water on the Moon can be used for drinking, agriculture, and other purposes by future lunar settlers. The water can be refined into liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, the components of rocket fuel.

Nextbigfuture – Breakthrough Carbon nanotube bundles are over 20 times stronger than Kevlar and would be strong enough for space elevators if they could be made in large quantities.

Nextbigfuture – NASA JPL update on progress to assembling giant 100+ meter space telescopes and starshades

Nextbigfuture – Giant satellites in high low-earth orbit to provide internet directly to smartphones.

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