China power consumption was up 8.8% year over year in August

China’s power consumption increased 8.8 percent in August. Total power usage is on track to about 6800 bilion kWh for all of 2018.

China’s total installed power generation capacity reached 1,746.42 gigawatts at the end of August.

US installed power generation is about 1,090 gigawatts.

Total power use 652.1 Aug 8.8% increase Y/Y

4,529.6 billion kWh (Jan-Aug)

Total    1,746.42 GW 5.4

Hydropower     303.7GW   +3.2%
Coal         1,111.5 GW  +3.2%
Nuclear         38.0 GW  +9.5% 
Wind           174.0 GW +11.5%

Nuclear and solar power generation (kWh) went up 16.9 percent and 12.2 percent year on year.

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