Fertility and IVF assistance tool has 8 million chinese users

China has an algorithm-powered app called “Crazy for making babies” (aka Fengkuangzaoren). There are over 8 million users and 70,000 families successfully used it to help conceive over the past four years. The application provides an array of trackers such as basal body temperature, ovulation and menstruation to advise the best days to try to conceive. It has an algorithm-powered IVF assisting tool that predicts total cost and success rate and brokers clients with local and overseas clinics.

China has about 500 fertility clinics but they only have a 30% to 40% conception rate. Fertility clinics in the United States, Thailand and Malaysia have a 60% to 65% conception rate.

Qianzhan Industry Research Institute estimated that reproduction tourism from China was US$1.4 billion in 2017. This was about 70,000 couples in 2017. Reproduction tourism from China is growing at 20-30% per year.

One cycle of IVF treatment in Malaysia cost about US$5,000. A similar operation in mainland cities costs about 40,000 yuan, and in the US it is the equivalent of at least 150,000 yuan.

Globally about 2 million cycles of IVF are performed each year. IVF is growing at ~7% per year.

Denmark leads the world in IVF rates. 10% of all Denmark babies are via IVF.