Flying between small airports will be faster, cleaner and cheaper with hybrid electric planes

Zunum Aero is a startup backed by Boeing and Jet Blue who is developing hybrid electric and all-electric aircraft of varying sizes. The planes would fly between the thousands of small airports around the USA.

Southern California-based charter air services, JetSuite and JetSuite X, announced a deal where they would buy up to 100 of Zunum hybrid electric aircraft.

Short-haul flights produce over 40% of aviation emissions. Zunum Aero is developing 10- to 50-seat aircraft.

Zunum is targeting 8 cents per seat mile with 700 mile range hybrid airplanes. This would be about $60 to fly one way from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The planes will fly at about 350 mph.

Traveling to and from smaller airports will mean less time waiting and shorter times to get door to door.

70 percent of your travel time for shorter flights is spent in the airports. Only 10 percent of round-trips between 800 and 1,600 kilometers (500 to 1,000 miles) and less than half a percent of those under 800 km are made using airplanes.

Zunum Aero is building a 12-passenger hybrid-electric airplane now. They will have their first flight tests in 2019 and will begin commercial flights in 2022.

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