Giant one kilometer Space Bubble telescopes

Devin Crowe gave an update on the NASA NIAC study on one-kilometer space bubble telescopes.

The plan is bring liquid and gas and blow a large spherical bubble and then shine a wavelength to solify the material. They would spray part of the bubble with a very thin metal layer to make a reflective telescope.

They have simulated that a one-kilometer telescope would be able to image Jupiter and its four largest moons from a distance of 7 parsecs.

There has been work done with one meter metalized glass spheres as a telescope in the stratosphere. There is follow up work for a ten meter metalized mylar sphere as a telescope.

A cubesat would be able to hold the bubble liquid and gas to inflate a 2-meter diameter metalized sphere.

They would want to create a 30 meter space bubble telescope and then a 100 meter and then a 1000 meter space telescope.

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