Hong Kong to China high speed rail speed advantage tested

South China Morning Post writers had a race of plane and buses versus the new high-speed rail from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.

* MTR and the mainland’s intercity harmony train – 3 hours 41 minutes, cost: HK$141 (USD18)
* airplane MTR and taxi — 3 hours 43 minutes. Cost: HK$1,841.60 (USD236)
* Kowloon-Canton intercity through-train. 3 hours 44 minutes, Total cost: HK$268 (USD34)
* cross-border bus 4 hours, HK$114.90 (USD15)
* bus and taxi. 4 hours 10 minutes, cost: HK$674.08 (USD86)
* high-speed train with stops, 3 hours 28 minutes, cost: HK$369 (USD47)
* high-speed train without stops, can be a few minutes faster

The high-speed rail was the fastest by 13 to 43 minutes versus other modes. There are time factors depending upon where you start from in Hong Kong and where you are going in Guangzhou.

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